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Thanks to Lindsey Helton's efforts,
Waco Education Foundation awarded Crestview Elementary with a grant!


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Posted on 03/25/2015
Thanks to Lindsey Helton's efforts, Crestview Elementary was awarded a grant from Waco Education Foundation  more
Posted on 03/20/2015
Our 4th and 5th grades students competed in the 2015 Kid’s Future Chef’s competition.  more
math night
Posted on 03/17/2015
Fun while learning!  more
solar system
Posted on 03/11/2015
3rd Grade learned about the solar system  more
Posted on 03/09/2015
Free ESL / GED / Citizenship Classes  more
tea cup
Posted on 03/06/2015
A special group of students were selected recently to attend Spring Tea Time   more
Posted on 03/03/2015
Crestview Newsletter English and Spanish  more
movie night
Posted on 03/02/2015
Students and their families relaxed and enjoyed movie night!  more
The Cat in the Hat
Posted on 02/27/2015
Crestview had an all-day Dr. Seuss celebration and activities  more
Posted on 02/16/2015
Valentine's Day Parties  more
Posted on 02/10/2015
Celebrating Black History Month  more
Posted on 02/09/2015
Valentine's Day cards for Veterans  more
Posted on 02/06/2015
Instructional and educational videos for parents and students  more
Posted on 02/02/2015
Crestview Newsletter English and Spanish  more